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eBay Unfazed By Amazon: Will Accelerate Innovation


In contrast to the comments of others, eBay Australia is unfazed by the upcoming arrival of Amazon Australia.

eBay Australia Chief Executive Jooman Park affirms, “Amazon’s entry into Australia will help Australian consumers and retailers move to the next stage, so overall we don’t have to worry too much about that”.

He states the move will overall benefit the Australian retail sector, stating “More competition [will] accelerate the pace of innovation”.

Where Amazon pushes their own range of products, eBay believes it offers a distinct advantage with a more open-market model.

eBay’s states its partnership with over 80 of Australia’s largest retailers and 30,000 small businesses provides it a point of difference, in conjunction with its strong range of second-hand goods.

For eBay, their strategy has been to partner with brick-and-mortar retailers, and take advantage of the decline of high-street shopping.

As e-commerce continues to grow, Mr Park states large retailers as Myer choose to partner with eBay to avoid losing internet traffic to their competitors.

Today 90% of the products sold on eBay are new, which is a distinct transition from where the company was four years ago when Mr Park first started.

eBay will continue its marketplace model to partner with as many retailers as possible.

Armed for the challenge, Mr Park states of Amazon’s arrival: “The invisible marketplace mechanism versus one company – who’s going to win?”.

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