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Dyson Facing Setback To EU Court Case

Dyson who is in several legal battles with its competitors on who has the best sucking power has lost another legal fight in Europe.

A advisor for the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has rejected a complaint by Dyson saying EU energy labels underplay the efficiency of its bagless devices. Dyson argues the current standards allow rivals such as Bosch Siemens to mislead customers.

Reuters reports, the company also says ordinary cleaners become less energy efficient as their bags become clogged with dust, unlike Dyson’s bagless cleaner.

Dyson has also been pursuing a separate case against the European Union, as it seeks to change the ‘unfair’ standards for energy tests.

Advocate general Henrik Saugmandsgaard Oe was overlooking the case saying “EU law made the energy label compulsory and also set out its format and the information to be included in it. The methodology of the test was not part of that information. EU law precluded the use of supplementary labels on energy efficiency as these would undermine the aim of the law — to standardise information for consumers.

“The regulation gives manufacturers and dealers no leeway whatsoever in terms of the format and content of the energy label, meaning that they cannot specify the conditions under which the tests that led to the vacuum cleaner’s energy classification were performed”.

The ECJ will rule on the matter in the coming months. Judges typically follow the line of the advocate general but are not bound to do so, Reuters reports.
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