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Dumped CEO Now Flogging Cheap Turkish Appliances

Bottom end appliance brand Beko have scooped up Smeg’s former CEO Jim Kalotheos who left the Italian Company under a cloud.

Kalotheos who after his sudden exit from Italian appliance brand Smeg, took on a role of sales and marketing for the Shriro distributed Omega appliances.

During his stint with Shriro flogging Omega appliances the appliance brands ovens and cooking gear was dumped by Harvey Norman.

His appointment at Beko is a massive step down from running Smeg a highly successful appliance Company, it’s also believed that he has taken a massive pay cut in his new role.

Jim Kalotheos former Smeg CEO takes step down role

Despite the Beko press release spruiking his role at Omega Appliances, Kalotheos LinkedIn page makes no mention of his role at Omega Appliances.

Instead, he lists himself as Managing Director/CEO, High Energy Leader, Growth Strategist, Developer of People, Available now!

His last role is shown as Smeg.

Shortly after ChannelNews broke the story about his sudden departure from Smeg the Italian Company issued the following statement.

“After 22 years with Smeg Australia, including four years as managing director, Jim Kalotheos resigned last month to seek new challenges and further develop his leadership skills,” the statement said.

His exit came after a leading Smeg fridge was slammed by Choice, Australia’s leading consumer advocacy group, who described the $3,990 Smeg cult fridge as one of the worst fridges ever sold in Australia.

Kalotheos also appointed Olivia Anderson as National Marketing Manager at Smeg only for her to quit under a cloud months later.

Olivia Anderson

Shortly before her departure Kalotheos was singing the praises of his new marketing manager, he also defended Anderson after what appeared to be a smear campaign that was being circulated to media organisations concerning Andersons former role at Fisher & Paykel.

John Brown, MD of Beko said of Kalotheos’ s appointment, “It is a highly competitive market with complex logistics, distribution and service challenges. To be successful here you have to get everything right to deliver an exceptional customer experience – and to do that you need a great team of people”

He added “Our team including Dan Pittman, Amanda Hart and Murat Dora are doing great work, and adding Jimmy’s experience, enthusiasm and passion for our industry adds further depth to Beko ANZ. I am thrilled that he has come on board with us.”

Dan Pittman, National Sales Manager and Amanda Hart, Marketing Manager ANZ will both report to Jimmy Kalotheos.

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