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iPhone Isn’t Facebook’s “Home” …But There’s Chat Heads

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Just weeks after Facebook announced Android was it’s “Home”, a function which replaces the phone home screen and apps with FB’s News Feed  – it has given iOS one of the features – Chat Heads.

The Social Network has updated Apple’s iPhone and iPad app and introduced ‘Chat Heads’ messaging –  one of the features on Facebook Home – which allows you to instantly message mates.

“Now you can keep chatting even when you’re doing other stuff on Facebook, like checking your News Feed. Tap chat heads to reply, drag them around, or flick them down to close,” wrote Facebook’s Kumar Iyer and Michael Sharon on a blog about the update. 

Chat Heads appears to be a very similar messaging service to Whats App, complete with fun icons and a ‘chat head’ appears with your Facebook friend’s picture, when you’re talking to them. 

“We have a great relationship with Apple,” CEO Mark Zuckerberg told media when asked about the availability of Home for iPhone, earlier this month.

“We have integration into iOS, we’ve worked with them before. With Apple, everything you want to do goes through them.
With Android, it doesn’t have to.”

Since it’s open source, Google’s Android was easier for Facebook to manipulate than the closed iOS platform, and clearly Apple was not going to let Facebook have so much power over its interface, and not to mention the slew of ads that may come with it.

The Social Network, with more than 1 billion members, is also rolling out improvements to Facebook News Feed on iPad today, with several new features including the normal ‘friends’, but also ‘photo’, ‘music’ and ‘pages you Like’.