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Digital Radio Spread Taking Time

Five months after first announcing it, the Australian Communications and Media Authority says digital radio services are “expanding across Australia” – though in fact no new services or sites are involved – and regional Australia is still missing out.

In fact all that’s happened is that so-called “trials” of digital radio in Canberra and Darwin are to be made permanent services – though the start must await discussion of the “transmitter licence allocation process”.

As ever, the wheels of progress grind rather more slowly in Canberra

ACMA has also confirmed that a Hobart digital radio service is on the way and says that “regulatory arrangements” are now in place.

When that all happens, all Australian capitals will be ables to tune into digital radio – but hundreds of regional areas – like the NSW Central Coast where CDN abides – will remain digital radio-free.

ACMA says it will “work with industry to identify which regional markets wish to commence services and prioritise planning accordingly”.

Please don’t hold your breath, regional listeners

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