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Did Google Maps Uncensor Russian Military Sites?

Ukrainian Armed Forces has claimed that Google Maps has un-blurred Russian military bases, in what would be a remarkable move by the tech giant.

“Google Maps has opened access to Russia’s military and strategic facilities,” the Tweet translates.

“Now everyone can see a variety of Russian launchers, intercontinental ballistic missile mines, command posts, and secret landfills with a resolution of about 0.5 meters per pixel.”



The account that sent the original tweet has since been suspended by Twitter.

Google Maps has denied the claims, responding to a story by an Eastern European newsroom with: “Hi there, please note that we haven’t made any blurring changes to our satellite imagery in Russia.”

Despite the claims, the bases are very much available for anyone to study – a huge strike for Ukraine in the race for useful information, regardless of who’s responsible.

Samsung is also unwittingly helping Ukraine in the war effort, with its seemingly bulletproof phone.

A video of a Ukrainian soldier pulling a Samsung Galaxy S21 FE with a bullet lodged in it from his pocket has appeared on Reddit, with users comparing it to the tales of World War I soldiers saved by coins in their chest pockets.




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