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Android SmartWatches Join Mobile Security Fight

Android SmartWatches Join Mobile Security Fight

Smart watches are the new mobile security frontier, with BitDefender’s new software to protect users and smartphones from their wrists. 
BitDefender’s hew “Mobile Security & Antivirus” software adds a feature called WearON for Android Wear smart watches which helps find lost phones, making them “scream from afar, even if it is left on silent, to help find the phone”. 

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It also alerts the smart watch owner with an unmistakable vibration when they stray dangerously far from their phone, designed to “bolster defences against theft and loss, adding an extra layer of security to ensure complete protection while on the go.”

Catalin Cosoi, BitDefender’s Chief Security Researcher said: “Bitdefender examines user security from all possible angles to ensure total protection, all the time. The incorporation of smart wearables into the defense of the owner adds a new facet to security – a highly portable, always-ready layer of defense to definitively eliminate phone theft and loss.”
The newly updated mobile security suite also “protects user privacy with App Lock, a recently launched feature that lets device owners block access to sensitive data by protecting certain apps with a PIN code.”
Other new features include an “array of defensive tools including on-install scanning, Anti-Theft that allows users to control a lost or stolen phone through SMS commands, a Privacy Advisor that keeps tabs on installed apps to protect against privacy invasion, and always-updated cloud-based antivirus services based on the world’s most effective line of antivirus software.”