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Declutter Google Photo Libraries With New Features

The new features for Google Photos on iOS and Android are an attempt to clear out galleries with duplicate photos, endless screenshots, and photos of receipts or ID cards.

Photos Stacks is the first feature, which automatically groups similar photos, taken close together, into one single panel in the gallery.

Google claims its software will attempt to pick out the best of a collection of similar photos, to show inside the gallery. The user can also opt to make their own top pick, manually modify stacks, or turn the feature completely off.

There’s also a handy shortcut, which allows the user to create calendar entries from photos like a screenshot, event ticket, or photo of a flyer. The user can tap a “set reminder” button when viewing a digital ticket to access the feature.

Google Photos will proceed to bring up an entry form to create a calendar event, which is auto populated with details from the ticket, including start time, and date. The user can then add more information if they wish. The entry will contain a link back to the image.

Photos also has upgrades to categorising documents or written information stored in image form. The document row in the search tab will automatically sort relevant photos into subcategories including ‘event information,’ ‘identity,’ and ‘receipts.’

Google have said these new features are beginning to roll out now across its mobile Photos apps.

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