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Daniel Hertz Has One Hell Of An Audio Pedigree & They Could Be Looking For A Distributor

There’s a new kid on the top-end audio block, with one hell of a pedigree, and they could be looking for a new distributor in Australia for a new range of products that feature a cutting-edge processor and are hand-built in Italy.

Mark Levinson is a legend in the sound market. He founded one of the most successful audio Companies. Now he has a new Company that’s marketing a new range of top-end gear.

The new Company is Daniel Hertz, an audio engineering and manufacturing Company that claims it has developed the first new fundamental technology in audio since the 1970s.

According to insiders, Mark Levinson wanted a family name for his new Company, so he used Daniel, his father’s first name, and Hertz, his mother’s maiden name.

Their technology centres on a new class of audio chips, with embedded C-wave (continuous wave) software called Mighty Cat.

Combined with new Daniel Hertz audio architecture and speakers, the Mighty Cat processors are the first products to deliver the experience of pure analogue from any digital source, including streaming, and are available for the first time at www.DanielHertz.com.

According to Levinson, “Our new technology is the first fundamental development in the audio industry since the 1970s. Daniel Hertz products are the best I have ever produced. My associates and I are proud to offer them through the Daniel Hertz website.”

The Daniel Hertz Maria amplifiers using the Daniel Hertz Mighty Cat chip replace the traditional DAC, preamplifier, amplifier, headphone amplifier, and active crossovers in one chassis made of art-grade Perspex (https://danielhertz.com/collections/amplifiers). Daniel Hertz speakers are personally designed by Levinson and hand-built in Venice, Italy.

Mark’s relative, Heinrich Hertz, was the German physicist first to demonstrate the electromagnetic wave, thus the beginning of audio.

Hertz (Hz ) is the internationally used term for cycles per second, named in his Honor.

Heinrich Hertz was one of a group of scientists and inventors who made the discoveries that built the base of modern electronics as we know it today. Like makers of the finest musical instruments, Daniel Hertz is committed to fulfilling a vision of excellence in audio, with products made without compromise to create emotion, not just sound.

For more information, visit www.DanielHertz.com.

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