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D Link Launches Arsenal Of New Networking Devices At CES

Leading network company D Link has used CES 2018 to deliver an arsenal of new networking and security products including several models that have voice command capability and one device that supports over 125 devices at one time.

A Company who does well in both the specialist and consumer reseller channels D Link has three new routers, a new mesh networking system, and five new security cameras.

Security Cameras

In a move aimed at taking advantage of the surge in demand for a new generation of security camera that operate across a wireless network the Taiwanese Company has launched several new models including an LTE Indoor/Outdoor Camera (DCS-1820LH).

This device can be used as temporary security camera or as a camera for a corner of your property where there isn’t any internet access. There is also a new Wire-Free Indoor/Outdoor camera.

Both cameras are capable of recording in 1080p to local storage or to the cloud, and both are compatible with third-party IoT services like Google Assistant, Alexa, and IFTTT.

Several of D Links new indoor cameras can be hooked up to a local or cloud recording and come with support for Google Assistant, Alexa, and IFTTT.

One of the key new products from D Link is their new AC2600 WiFi Router Powered by McAfee (DIR-2680) which can support up to 128 connected devices.

Specifically designed to keep IoT networks safe, this dual-band 802.11ac router uses McAfee’s Global Threat Intelligence to identify and correct malware and other malicious attacks before it has a chance to infect the devices connected to your network.

The device is expected to be popular in the specialist B2b reseller channel.

The device also requires two different apps, there is the D-Link WiFi app for set up and the McAfee Secure Home Platform app for remote management.

This device also uses an Intel Home WiFi chipset, which can support and eye-watering 128 connected devices at once while at the same time leaving the AnyWAN SoC free to focus on security functions.

Also released is a new range of mesh networking products, these products are being released under D-Link’s Covr brand and come in two varieties: a dual-band, three pack system and a tri-band, two pack system. The tri-band system offers AC2200 WiFi and is capable of covering 5,500 metres, while the dual-band system provides AC1200 WiFi to an area up to 464 metres.

Users will get smart roaming, which allows you to transition between nodes without having to manually switch your connection as well as smart steering, which will automatically move connections between bands for optimum speeds.

For those who want network speed D Link has launched the AX6000 and the AX11000 Ultra WiFi Routers. Capable of achieving combined speeds of 6,000 Mbps and the latter topping out at 11,000 Mbps.

As you’d expect, those speeds require the appropriate LAN ports, with one 2.5 Gbps WAN pout and four Gigabit LAN ports present on each router.

Aside from the fact that both routers support 4×4 MU-MIMO, more details are set to be revealed at the D Link booth.

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