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D-Link Combines Fixed Line & 4G Connectivity In New Wireless Router

D-Link has launched a new wireless router that can connect to multiple internet connection types and share them wirelessly.

The DWR-118 Mobile Broadband AC Router supports fixed line broadband, as well as 4G/3G mobile internet via a USB dongle from any telco connected to the router’s USB port.

Along with being able to share different internet connection types, the DWR-118 can also act as a backup if a fixed line broadband connection fails.

“The DWR-118 Wireless AC1200 Dual-Band Router is ideal for households that require constant Internet connectivity, or simply do not have access to fixed broadband services,” said D-Link ANZ MD Graeme Reardon.

“This includes those in areas where fixed line connectivity is not always reliable, or businesses that need a reliable way to switch over to the mobile network to ensure their Internet connection is always available,” Reardon said.

Mobile and fixed internet connections can be used at the same time to deliver faster download speeds, while dual-band 802.11ac wireless supports speeds of up to 1200Mbps.

“Whether they have critical requirements for a fast and reliable Internet connection, or are part of a household or business with simple Internet needs, people today want fail-safe, fast connectivity. Using the power of both fixed and mobile networks means faster Internet connections and credible back-up options to make sure that you are always online,” Reardon said.

D-Link’s DWR-118 Wireless AC750 Dual-Band Multi-WAN Router is available now at www.dlink.com.au and authorised D-Link retailers and resellers for RRP $149.95.

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