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Cyrus Soundkey A “5 Star” Mobile Amp

Reflecting the desires of the current consumer tech landscape, a rising demand for portable DACs (Digital-to-Analog Converters) and headphone amplifiers have allowed companies such as Cyrus, to invest in high-quality offerings worthy of “five stars”.

Cyrus’ soundkey has gone on to receive a five star rating from What HiFi for its ability to transform a consumer’s “mobile listening into an authentically high-fidelity experience”.

Many consumers have found when plugging their headphones into their laptop or smartphone, the audio quality of their favourite songs is significantly hampered.

(Source: What HiFi)

Cyrus’ soundkey has received praise for its compact size – weighing just 18g and 8mm deep. The aluminium casing is aesthetically pleasing and comes in four colours.

The soundkey features a 3.5mm headphone socket and a micro-USB socket. A cable fitted with a micro-USB at both ends, and a micro-USB/full-size USB cable is also included with Cyrus’ soundkey.

Unfortunately, consumers who wish to connect with an Apple product will have to exert a little more effort, requiring a dongle. It does take away some of the convenience associated with the device.

The sound key is compatible with a range of audio types (e.g. MP3, AAC and FLAC) and can handle audio files up to 24-bit/96kHz resolution.

Soundkeys such as Cyrus’ device are set to truly increasing the listening pleasure of consumers when using their portable devices.