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COVID19 Prompts Tech Boom

SHANGHAI: Technology companies across China are responding to the coronavirus outbreak with a raft of new solutions and applications in an attempt to help those most affected by the outbreak.

Analytics company QuestMobile says average Internet hours for a person in China climbed from 6.1 hours to 7.3 hours, as more people working from home seek information about the virus.

Research outfit Sensor Tower says the online education sector has experience a massive boost as students stay home from schools.

The main players trying to tap the nationwide work-from-home practice are Alibaba’s DingTalkTencent’s WeChat Work, and ByteDance’s Lark.

Sensor Tower found all three apps experienced significant year-over-year growth in downloads from January 22 through February 20, with DingTalk up 1446 percent, Lark 6085 percent and WeChat Work 572 percent.

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