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COVID Cuts: Inventor Creates Vacuuming Hair Trimmer

An engineer in Britain has invented a vacuuming hair trimmer device that makes cleaning up after a haircut easier. Essentially, it comprises clippers attached to the end of a vacuum nozzle.

The inventor Dr Phil Green, who is an assistant professor at the school of mechanical, aerospace, and automotive engineering at Coventry University, told the Daily Mail UK that he came up with the idea when trying to cut his own hair during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

Dr Green plans on returning to the barbers to support local business, but says his idea could still prove useful for barbers or other people looking to cut their own hair.

“A barber could use it if they were just cutting someone’s hair with clippers. They wouldn’t need to sweep up afterwards, either,” said Dr Green. “I can’t patent it now because it’s public information. But that also means nobody else can patent it.”

Dr Green was shortlisted for a European Inventor Award in 2019 alongside Richard Palmer for inventing D30, a flexible material that stiffens on impact. D30 has been used in protective clothing and smartphone cases.

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