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COVID-19 Is This What Flying With Qantas Could Look Like Next Year

Supermarkets already have them now airlines are looking at how they protect passengers with plastic shields and hoods for seats already in development stages.

While Virgin Australia is in administration Qantas is believed to be looking at how they protect customers with one option being high tech hygiene screens fitted around each seat, as well as new middle seats which would face backwards while flying.

Called Glasssafe the screens are transparent, but they will limit the spread of COVID-19 with some Governments tipped to mandate the use of screens if an airline wants to get back in the air.

The revolutionary sitting arrangement was revealed by Aviointeriors, the same company who created stand-up seats for aircraft cabins according to the UK Sun.

In economy class, each seat would have a plastic screen around the head and side, preventing contact with the passenger next to them.

It can also be fitted onto existing economy seats and leaves the lower part of the seat free for passengers to continue using the in-flight entertainment or to eat their meals.

An optional design is built around s-shaped seating, making the middle seat face backwards.

Before any new seat designs are accepted, they are going to have to pass Government safety regulations first and this could take some time as well as testing.

Passengers could also see changes to their seat positions post-coronavirus.

The designs shown in this story are only prototypes and have not been adopted by any airline.

Currently there is no scientific evidence proving the screens work – some studies also suggest that the virus can live on plastic for up to three days so new materials than can put over the screens and be disposed of may be one option.

At this stage it could be 12 months before consumers are allowed to fly again.

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