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Could Smart Wearables Be The Key To Beating COVID-19?

An Italian company has developed a smart wearable device which will help monitor the six-feet social distancing rule in the fight against coronavirus.

IK Multimedia, which is mostly known for manufacturing microphones and dongles to connect guitars with smartphones, is now flogging pandemic-related wearables.

The $99 gadget, named the Safe Spacer, uses ultra-wide band technology and can be worn in several different ways including as a watch, lanyard or a key chain.

The device will light up, vibrate and make ‘annoying’ sounds when users are within six-feet of each other.

It also features a unique ID tag and built-in memory to trace contact, collecting timestamps of social distancing violations. Users can pre-set the specific distance too.

IK Multimedia CEO Enrico Iori uses the smart bands for his employees in Italy and in the US to enforce social distancing rules.

“We had no outbreak, we had no internally generated cases,” Iori told Bloomberg.

“And the good news is that the people stay apart. The device buzzes and vibrates. It keeps the people apart because it’s annoying.”

IK Multimedia is not the only wearable company to help combat the coronavirus with tracking technology.

Fitbit also teamed up with universities to help develop an algorithm to detect the coronavirus before the user even starts displaying physical symptoms and Samsung added a feature to the Galaxy Watch which tells users how many interactions with other people they have had during the day.

The wearables market exploded during the pandemic as people focussed on health and fitness.

According to Cisco Systems, the number of connected wearable devices is expected to increase from 593 million in 2018 to 1,105 million in 2022.

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