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Corning Claims Gorilla Glass 5 Is Strongest Yet

Display coating manufacturer Corning are claiming that the fifth iteration of their Gorilla Glass technology is their most durable yet.

The company say their tests found that devices using the enhanced glass survived 80% of drops from a height of 1.6 meters.

Their previous effort, Gorilla Glass 4, promised similar results – but only from a height of one meter.


While tech manufacturers will ship devices using Gorilla Glass 5 as soon as this year, Corning told The Verge that this durability may vary based on the design and how the glass is positioned.

The tests Corning ran only gauged the impact of face-drops, not fall where the device landed on a corner or edges.

Corning VP and General Manager John Bayne said “What will define the performance of the overall device on those types of corner drops is stiffness of the phone design, but also how the glass is packaged.”

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