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Consumers Urged To Stop Using Dodgy Anker Power Bank

Melbourne-based distributor Directed Electronics, who last week were defending their Chinese-made Eufy cameras over security concerns, are now facing a new problem with their Chinese, Anker-distributed, mobile charger and power banks under investigation after a house fire was most likely caused by an overheating Anker battery.

The Chinese Company Anker, whose products are extensively sold by Directed Electronics, is recalling its 535 Power Banks, with specific model numbers to ensure houses are not burnt down, while the Company gets to the bottom of the hardware issue.

In Australia, Directed Electronics has a website, myanker.com.au, that lists 535 Power Banks.

The story was first revealed by Digital Trends.

Anker power bank products are also sold by Catch, Amazon and several other retailers.

Owners of an Anker 535 Power Bank have been urged to stop using it immediately and consult the information on the back of their product, which in some cases could have been purchased overseas by Australian consumers.

Not all Anker 535 Power Banks have the issue.

What we suggest is that you check to see if you have model number A1366.

To learn your Power Bank’s model number, look at its rear side and examine the fine-print text on the bottom.

On the second line of text, you’ll see the word “model”, followed by two Chinese characters. After the characters, you’ll be able to see your model number.

According to Anker, only a “small number” of its battery packs “pose a fire safety risk,” so it’s asking for 535 Power Bank owners to safely dispose of their affected units as soon as possible.

If you discover you have a model number A1366 product you are urged to stop using the battery pack immediately and take a picture of its rear side, with the fine-print text plainly in view

With that done, dispose of it at a facility that takes Lithium batteries. It’s important to note that you shouldn’t simply throw it in the garbage with the rest of your trash, as it poses a high risk of fire.

If you are concerned, you can also consult Directed Electronics on (03) 8331 4800, or go back to the retailer you purchased the product from, or fill in the below form here: https://www.anker.com/a1366-recall-form

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