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Connected Household Devices Increased 12X In Just 3 Years

A good internet connection is clearly paramount in the modern household, with a new report revealing that the number of unique connected devices in American households has increased 12X since 2018, to over a billion.

This is according to Comcast’s just-released 2021 WiFi Trends Report.

Despite the work-from-home rush that has dominated the last few years, smartphones are still by far the most connected devices in American households, with nearly 347 million connected, making up almost one-third of total connected devices.

Health is the fastest growing device category, with more than 49 million smartwatches and fitness trackers connected in 2021, a 39X increase.

Peloton drove the rise of connected exercise equipment during the pandemic, with nearly 841,000 pieces connected, a more than 93X increase.

None of this shows any signs of slowing. 72 percent of Americans plan to purchase additional connected devices for their home in the next 12 months.



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