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Bunnings has quietly launched its Connected Home platform to control curated Smart Home ecosystems using both Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

The home of the sausage sizzle and prices beaten by 10% is having a go smart home devices with the Grid Connect platform for controlling connected devices sold by Bunnings.

Bunnings now have an entire online section devoted to its smart home offering with every single product controllable through the Grid Connect app, available on both iOS and Android.

Quietly unveiled in July, the Grid Connect platform aims to connect every smart home product sold by Bunnings to the same companion app.

The hubless Wi-Fi connected mobile app is perfect for beginners wanting to get started with connecting their home to the internet and controlling their household with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

It comes a few months after Bunnings first began stocking home automation products, with its first brand offerings being Philips, Sengled, Google Home Mini, LIFX and Wiz, putting pressure on traditional consumer electronics retailers like JB Hi-FI and Harvey Norman.

Now with the Grid Connect mobile platform, Bunnings is giving consumers another reason to choose their store over another.

The IKEA Home app currently represents the only other competition to Bunnings, though fortunately for the hardware retailer, its only compatible with IKEA smart products.

Though for those of us interested in testing out the new platform, then check out the Arlec 102cm Smart Tower Fan With Grid Connect for $149 just in time for Summer.

Or for something a little more affordable, then get the Arlec 40cm Smart Pedestal Fan With Grid Connect for only $99.

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