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COMMENT: Why Buying A $2,699 Motorola Razr Is High Risk

Motorola is a Chinese mobile phone Company that is now trying to make a comeback with a $2,699 Razr smartphone based on the past success of Motorola products, this is akin to some ageing actor who has taken to roles in B Grade movies in the hope that they will still be remembered.

The Companies use by date was up a long time ago, when Motorola like Nokia and Blackberry V1 failed to transition into smartphones.

The Company that started life in the USA has struggled ever since their heyday in the 1980’s.

Even Google flicked the brand along at a massive loss when they found out the brand had no appeal or selling power that would attract consumers like an Apple or a Samsung to a device.

Like a B grade actor Motorola is now flogging gear at the likes of Aldi and Big W for sub $200 because up until now carriers and big retailers had rejected the Motorola smartphone offering.

These Motorola branded products are cheap pieces of gear but despite carrying the Motorola brand name they still struggle up against value products such as Alcatel’s product offering which is today the third most popular brand in Australia.

IDG research often fails to rank Motorola other than in the ‘Other” column.

Enter stage left one $2,699 Motorola Razr that the Chinese Company is punting on to rejuvenate the brand, the only problem is that the Company only has a window of weeks to get their so-called hero up before Samsung shows them how a flip phone should be marketed.

The next big problem is the risk associated with placing a pre order via the Motorola web site.

None of the big carriers have committed to the Motorola Razr, they are waiting to see what Samsung deliver.

And if you do pre order the Company has admitted that preorder is getting pushed back once more after the Company was forced to reschedule the official launch due to component problems.

Australian customers won’t receive their Motorola Razr until at least mid-February or even early March and well after the Samsung launch so it might pay to hold back and see what Samsung has to offer and then walk into a JB Hi Fi store to buy the product immediately if you believe the device is right for you.

While Motorola has cited unexpected demand, the delay is more about the fragile nature of the device with the Company forced to produce a vide telling customers how to care for the device. Everyone remembers what happened to Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, this product was delayed multiple times following problems with its display that caused its screen to deform and, in some cases, a complete shutdown of the display.

Later this year you will see flip phones that are set to be significantly cheaper than the $2,699 Motorola Razr

TCL who earlier this month wowed US media with a new range of sub US$500 smartphones that are set to be launched in Australia shortly is working on a new Flip phone,, this device and their new premium range will hurt Motorola ambitions to be a player in the premium smartphone market.

Unlike Samsung and Apple who spend billions on brand advertising Lenovo the owner of the Motorola brand prefers to sell their products online Vs retail stores so most of their marketing dollars go into driving the customers to a direct buy web site. This will work against them in the Flip market.

Motorola is planning to release new smartphones the day before Mobile World Congress kicks off on February 23 in Barcelona in a desperate bid to get back into the premium market, they lost but the big question is will carriers invest in supporting Motorola again.

What they will roll out is a Moto G8 and G8 Power as well as a mid-range model with a stylus and the Edge+ flagship.

The Moto G8 is expected to come with a 6.39-inch HD+ display, Snapdragon 665 SoC and three cameras on the back. The main shooter should come in at 16MP and will be accompanied by a 2MP macro cam and an 8MP ultra-wide snapper. The battery is expected to come in at 4,000 mAh.

The G8 Power on the other hand is rumoured to bring a 6.36-inch FHD+ panel with a punch hole for the 25MP selfie cam alongside a 5,000 mAh battery and the same three cams from the G8 with an additional 8MP telephoto shooter.

Even in the budget market Motorola is struggling with TCL’s Alcatel brand significantly outselling Motorola.

What Motorola is desperate for is just one device that carriers and retailers such as JB Hi Fi see as an actual competitor to premium Samsung Oppo, TCL, or Apple devices.

The Company is punting on the Motorola Edge+ that will have punch hole display, Snapdragon 865 chipset and up to 12 GB RAM.

Back in December, Motorola was one of the brands that confirmed it will release a Snapdragon 865 phone and it appears that this is one more fling by Motorola to get themselves up on the big stage in the smartphone market.

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