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COMMENT: Why Current VR Goggles Don’t Work With Smartphones

Virtual Reality shot on 360 degree cameras and then transferred to a smartphone to playback is not going to work.

While it’s a nice idea the problem is that most smartphones today are designed to save battery power so they switch off often in the middle of when you are viewing a 360 shot video.

This means that if you are using security access software on your smartphone, you have to remove the smartphone, reboot the device, find your video again and reactivate the viewing.

Then there is the issue of your phone ringing when you are in the middle of viewing content.154649

I have just spent two weeks in Asia with the new 360fly 4K camera and what we shot was extremly high quality and quite brilliant but the viewing experience was a totally different story.

Whether you are using the Samsung Galaxy VR or the LG or 360fly VR Goggles the problem is the same and will not go away.

What I am suggesting is that vendors move very quickly to delivering VR goggles that have Wi Fi or Bluetooth built in along with a micro SD Card slot.

This would allow content to be shot on a 360-degree camera and automatically transferred to a pair of VR Goggles for viewing without the problems that currently exist with current VR Goggles.

I estimate that this could add $100 to the cost of a pair of VR Goggles.

I for one would have no hesitation paying for a combined 360-degree camera and VR goggles specifically designed to playback content without any interruptions.

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