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Cole Hahn Marking Up OZ Sneakers 200% Over US Retail Price

US Shoe brand Cole Haan and their local distributor True Alliance, appear to be quite prepared to rort Australian consumers with their ZERO Grand sneakers being marked up hundreds of dollars over the price of the same sneaker in the USA.

The US Company which used to be owned by Nike is now selling their shoes locally via Sydney based distributor True Alliance who is marking up Cole Haan shoe prices dramatically over the US sell prices in some cases over 200%

This week Cole Haan is selling the ZERØGRAND Seventy-Five Sneakers on their US site, for a discounted price of US$89.95 or A$116.45.

On the Australian site operated by True Alliance, the same sneaker is listed at $350 buy you do get free shipping similar to the USA.

This is $233.55 over the US price.

The original price of the sneakers in the USA was only US$200 which is still $100 cheaper than the OZ sticker price of $350.


Cole Haan have also moved to nobble Australian customers including people like myself who have been buying their shoes for over 25 years from using an Australia credit to buy goods so that they can prop up a local distributor who claims they are “price matching or close to” US prices.

Several Australian customers have contacted SmartHouse to complain at the actions of the Company with many buying Cole Haan shoes in the USA and then having the shoes shipped to Australia Posts US Shop Mate service where the cost of shipping is around $40 per pair of shoes.

Recently True Alliance brand manager Adam Hendler told ChannelNews “We are working very closely with Cole Hann to ensure their first foray into the Australian market will deliver exciting products as well as quality and value to our local customers,” Hendler said.

Hendler went on to claim that Tue Alliance will be explicitly focused on Australia and New Zealand, and that consumers will get almost the exact same product has its operations in the US – barring its high winter range.






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