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Orange IT Rebrands To ‘IT Station’

Orange IT Rebrands To

The newly blue branded ‘IT Station’ store is now located at North Sydney at 141 Walker St, having shut down its previous ‘Orange IT’ Walker St store in February.  

The store closed just days before rivals JB Hi-Fi opened up a new store just doors away. 

Advertised as the ‘one stop shop for IT’, the ‘IT Station’ in North Sydney is the only store listed on its website, despite previously operating several Orange IT shops in the Sydney CBD. 

Several customers were not happy when Orange IT closed earlier this year, and took to Twitter to express discontent.

Channel News visited the new IT Station last week and found it was selling mainly computer accessories, headsets, storage and networking solutions from the likes of Asus, Samsung and Seagate.

It is also offering phone repairs including iPhone 4/4S screen servicing. 
However, it no longer sells hardware, netbooks or PCs, which may be in light of the new competition from JB Hi-Fi, which is selling a massive range of tablets and Macs just down the road. 
The store is open Monday-Friday from 9-6, so it appears to be targeting the office crowd based in North Sydney.