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What Happens When You Marry Top End Hi Fi With Wireless?

What Happens When You Marry Top End Hi Fi With Wireless?

Initially the Hi Fi industry was sceptical that wireless Hi
Fi could deliver quality Hi Fi and wireless distribution combined, but the Danish
company Dynaudio has proved that the combination of top end Hi Fi audio
knowledge and the latest in wireless technology can work together to deliver an
exceptional sound experience.

This new system, which is already winning global awards, is
excellent when compared to what is available in the market today. With the Dynaudio
Xeo range you not only get high quality output without having to run cables,
but you can plug in a smartphone or tablet and immediately get access to your
content. The Dynaudio Xeo 3 and Xeo 5 wireless speakers are already being
labelled “the world’s first high-end wireless loudspeakers,” by
European reviewers.

The compact bookshelf and floor standing active speakers
connect wirelessly to Dynaudio’s Xeo wireless transmitter, which is wired to
your music source. The Xeo transmitter has digital optical, USB, stereo
analogue and 3.5mm mini jack inputs that allow users to connect to three
sources, with selection between optical, USB and analogue.

The Xeo transmitter can wirelessly support up to three pairs
of speakers, giving owners the potential for a three-room, multi-room
system or to play music from three separate sources.

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Dynaudio Xeo 3

While this set up is not cheap at RRP $2, 499 for the Xeo 3 system
and RRP $4, 799 for the Xeo 5 system, it is not unreasonable when one
takes into account the audio technology that has been wrapped around the
wireless technology.

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Dynaudio Xeo 5

Each set of speakers comes with its own remote, allowing you
to switch between inputs on each set of speakers and adjust the volume. When connected
via USB the Xeo transmitter requires no mains power, drawing what it needs from
a PC or Ultrabook.

The transmitter supports files up to 24bit/48kHz and sends
audio at full CD resolution up to 16bit/48kHz. It connects to the speakers via
a 2.4GHz A-to-B connection and promises a range of up to 50m.

The speakers themselves use Dynaudio’s 27mm soft dome
tweeter designs and 14.5cm mid/bass drivers with the company’s proprietary
magnesium silicate polymer cones.

Dynaudio CEO and founder Wilfried Ehrenholz has remarked,

“Dynaudio aims to bring the high performance sound that
the audiophile market requires in line with today’s demands of a wider audience
who is interested in intelligent designs, the latest technologies and a simple
and convenient platform to listen to music in higher sound quality.”

Xeo is a new way of listening to music and can be used with
anything that plays music: your Hi Fi audio system, computer, smartphone,
personal audio player, video system, docking station, network player, streaming
client, TV, anything.

Xeo frees you from set-up problems with amplifiers, cables
and converters because it frees you from amplifiers, cables and converters
altogether. And what’s not there can’t get into the way of the music. Unplug
and play.

When Dynaudio was founded over 35 years ago, the engineers
who built the company collectively strove to create loudspeakers performing on
a much higher level than everything else available at that time; speakers that
would reproduce music naturally and authentically.

Over the years Dynaudio has always stayed true to these
original roots while developing the company’s core technologies even further to
create many exceptional loudspeaker models. Today the Company is marrying 35
years of audio experience with a new generation of wireless technology.