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ChromeOS 111 Takes Google Fast Pair To Chromebooks

It’s been 14 months since Google promised to deliver Fast Pair connectivity to Chromebook devices, but with the rollout of ChromeOS M111 they’ll come good on the promise in the next few days.

This will of course make it easier to pair headphones and other Bluetooth devices, then switch between phones, notebook, tablet or TV, rivalling what Apple deliver with AirPod connectivity.

This seems to be the only new feature with ChromeOS 111

“Fast Pair offers a streamlined pairing experience for compatible Bluetooth accessories, including hearables and wearables, and the ability to easily move those devices between Fast Pair enabled platforms that share the same Google account,” Google say.

“Make sure your Chromebook’s Bluetooth is enabled, then when you turn on a Bluetooth device your Chromebook will automatically ask if you would like to pair the device. Simply click ‘connect’ and your device will be connected. Creating a one click process to pair your Bluetooth devices.”

This progression has been a while coming, and takes a more proactive role, asking if you want to connect things rather than you having to go through settings menus to find headphones and such.

This will also monitor location and battery life of paired items.

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