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Chinese Smartphone Brand Xiaomi Wants To Track You Even Without A SIM

Chinese brand Xiaomi, the world’s No. 2 smartphone company wants to spy on you even when there is no SIM in a mobile device, the Company selling the Chinese devices in Australia is NSW based Panmi who ranges the questionable Companies devices online.

What was discovered is that the Company had originally built technology into their Mi Mix 4 smartphone that they claimed allowed people to find their device, the only problem is that the SIM less devices could also be used to track the device and individuals by the Chinese Company, who has close links to the Chinese Communist Government.

At a launch event last week, the Companies founder and chief executive Lei Jun called the feature “perfect” with a virtual SIM card that keeps the phone connected to the internet as well as a function that does not allow other SIM cards without user approval.

Now the Company has been forced to temporarily remove the highly touted feature from the latest version of its flagship smartphone just three days after its launch due to intervention by Chinese regulators as it did not comply with specifications.

ChannelNews understands that the Company is working with authorities to fix the problem.

The Mi Mix 4 had been designed to house a built-in virtual SIM card that can help locate the device even if it has no SIM card. Apart from being able to track the device without a SIM the feature also disabled the smartphone when someone replaces the SIM card.

The Mi Mix 4 also comes with a unique interior metal case that acts as an antenna amplifier.

It features 19 inbuilt antennas and supports 42 bands with signal quality optimizations for 8 different scenarios.

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