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Chinese Diplomat Blames Australia For International Huawei Ban

Senior Chinese diplomat Wang Xining blames Australia for Huawei’s ban in various countries around the world.

Xining claimed that “Australia connived with the United States in a very unethical, illegal, immoral suppression of Chinese companies”, adding that “the US has mobilised a state power to suppress a particular Chinese company in order to prevent any challenges to traditional businesses.”

He also claims the US went so far as to frame and detain senior executives, and “such dirty tactics took place in France and also from Toshiba in Japan.”

All of which he says stemmed from our early accusations of security issues.

“Australia has no glorious role in this regard. Australia was among the first to forcefully accuse Huawei of possible security threat,” Mr Wang said.

“Australia was the first to ban Huawei in the domestic telecommunication industry building and then persuaded others.

“This bewildered me,” he continued, “because as far as I know there’s not a single Australia tech communication equipment company that’s on par with Huawei or any other internationally-renowned company in terms of technological advancement.

“Australia ranked second from the bottom in terms of market digitisation among OECD countries and broadband speeds.”

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