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Chinese Brands To Deliver Face ID For Android Smartphones Next Year

Chinese makers of Android smartphones including Oppo and Huawei are set to copy Apple’s 3D sensing Face ID technology next year.

ChannelNews understands that both Samsung and HTC are also set to release smartphones with the 3D scanning technology built in.

Among the suppliers of the new 3D technology are Largan Precision, Sunny Optical, Orbbec and Himax Technologies.

Largan are tipped to be the major supplier as they already have the technology, patents, and the capacity to design and deliver volume components.

Other component manufacturers have solutions for 3D sensing receivers and transmitter lens modules.

Largan is currently a camera lens supplier for iPhone devices and several Android-based smartphones.

The 3D sensing total solutions jointly developed by Qualcomm, Himax and Truly Opto-electronics have been verified by Oppo and Xiaomi, and will begin contributing revenues and profits for related firms in 2018.

Sunny Optical’s structure-light 3D sensing solution reportedly will begin mass production in the third quarter of 2018, the sources added.

China-based Orbbec is focusing on developing 3D sensors, algorithms, controller chips and structure-light 3D cameras, and is optimistic about landing orders from China’s smartphone brands in 2018.

DigiTimes also claims that despite rumours that Samsung Electronics may stop using heat pipes for its new smartphones in 2018, sources from upstream supply chain players have pointed out that the Korea-based vendor will continue the thermal design and its suppliers have already begun small volume production of related components.

Meanwhile, smartphone brand vendors are also trying out vapor chambers for heat dissipation, but have so far not yet placed any orders. Since vendors’ demand for heat dissipation is expected to rise as they add more new functionalities into their smartphones, the sources believe there is a high chance for smartphone brands to adopt vapor chambers in 2019.

Because of their high prices, heat pipes so far are not a popular thermal solution among smartphone vendors and are mainly used only in flagship models.

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