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ChatGPT Added To Bing & Edge Mobile Apps, Skype

Microsoft has released preview versions of the new ChatGPT-infused Bing and Edge mobile apps, as well as inserting the AI into Skype.

Available on iOS and Android, the Bing mobile app has a brand-new look, with an icon at the bottom taking you into a chat search, with the same functionality as the desktop version.

Users can choose how answers are displayed – bullet points, text or simplified responses, and can be used to “compose an email, poem or list,” according to Microsoft.

AI-powered Bing is also being added to Skype.

“Imagine having a copilot for your friends and family as you stay connected and plan your next get together,” Microsoft explains.

“Simply add Bing to the group, as you would any Skype contact, and now you can ask Bing to answer questions and provide information for the entire group. For example, if your family is chatting about the next family reunion, you can simply ask Bing for suggestions on travel destinations, expected weather forecasts and interesting events around your time of travel, and everyone in the chat will get access to the results.”

Microsoft warns that, due to high usage, users may ” occasionally find connectivity issues in low-bandwidth situations” over the following days.

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