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CES Says Yes To Sex Toys, But Skimpy Outfits Get The Boot

CES 2020 will be adding a new “sex tech” category, while also cracking down on its dress code and introducing more sessions focused on women and minority groups.

From next year, sex toys will be eligible for conclusion under the show’s Health and Wellness product category on a “one-year trial basis”.

“In order to be included, sex toys will have to be innovative and include new or emerging tech,” said Karen Chupka, CES executive vice-president.

“We don’t want to see rows and rows of just standard vibrators.”

The announcement comes after the show faced backlash recently when organisers revoked an innovation award from the largely woman-run and woman-focused sex toy company Lora DiCarlo.

At the time, CES said “it reserved the right to rescind awards for devices deemed immoral, obscene, indecent, profane or not in keeping with Consumer Technology Association’s (CTA) image”.

However, Lorna DiCarlo criticised the decision as sexist, considering a sex doll for men was launched at CES the year prior.

In response to the recent announcement, Lora DiCarlo said it was “pleased to hear that the CTA took its recommendations for inclusion and language updates that it drafted”.

The CTA is also updating the dress code policy for CES in an attempt to crackdown on companies hiring models to wear revealing clothing as a way to attract visitors to their booths.

The new rules state that companies can get in trouble for outfits that are “sexually revealing or that could be interpreted as undergarments”.

“Clothing that reveals an excess of bare skin, or body-conforming clothing that hugs genitalia must not be worn,” the new policy states.

“These guidelines are applicable to all booth staff, regardless of gender.”

“In addition, the existing CES ban on pornography will be strictly enforced with no exceptions for CES 2020.”

The CES also announced a $10 million fund meant to invest in women, people of colour, and other entrepreneurs who are underrepresented in the tech space.

To further promote diversity, CES will also introduce a new “Innovation for All” program, which will feature sessions with senior diversity officials.

“CES is a reflection of the industry at large, and CTA’s job is to use its position as a representative for tech companies to help reshape the industry,” Chupka concluded.

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