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CES 2022: Samsung AI-Powered Avatar To Help Around The House

Samsung are set to reveal their latest step to using AI to make life easier, with a virtual personal assistant and housekeeper. This AI avatar will visualize your home into a digital world like a metaverse, then picture your location in reality and connect you with nearby devices.

According to the company, “The AI avatar is a ‘life assistant’ that can do work on behalf of users anywhere and anytime. It can understand on-device conversations and control home appliances.”

This has shades of  Neon, the virtual humanoid Samsung delivered at CES last year. Pretty much indistinguishable from an actual person, a female Neon (pictured above) is currently busy as a teller assisting customers in the Shinhan Bank in South Korea, installed in a life-sized display.

The AI-powered humans are each generated with their own look and personality, and present with unique expressions and dialogue. They can act as TV anchors, actors, healthcare providers, financial advisors and teachers.

Now Neon is set to come into the home and become part of your everyday life.

Samsung are also set to present an actual robot, the Samsung Bot I at CES, which they call a life companion. It can move side to side and interact with you, setting up a video conference.

Adding to the rise of the machines at CES 2022 will be the Samsung Bot Handy, which can set tables.

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