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CES 2020: Bushfire Air Purifier From LG

With Australian’s choking on smoke-filled air due to the catastrophic bushfires ravaging the east coast of Australia, LG has unveiled a unique solution to combat poor quality – a portable air purifier that can detect and remove 99% of particles in the air to deliver safe and clean air wherever you are.

Currently available from some Hong Kong retailers, the LG PuriCare Mini Air Purifier will cost you 170,710 WON or roughly A$211.

The Mini Air Purifier is currently on display at CES 2020, which should be mean the portable device may make its way to Australia where in our current bushfire season, clean air is hard to come by.

Winner of the Red Dot Innovation Award in 2019, the LG PuriCare Mini is an air purifier that automatically monitors and purifies the air in real-time.

LG claims the PuriCare can clean 50% of the air inside a car within just 10 minutes, based on an average-sized car of 3m2.

Considering the current conditions in Australia with the catastrophic bushfires of 2019/2020, air purifiers such as these may become highly sought after in times of crisis.

According to Dan Song, president of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company, ‘There is nothing more important than the health of one’s family and LG is committed to using its engineering know-how to deliver innovative solutions’.

Awarded for its user-oriented design, the air purifier balances between ‘a handy lifestyle object and a functional technical product,’ with physical buttons on the top and a 4-colour smart display that tells users the quality of the air on a scale of red to green.

The unit is no bigger than a half-litre bottle of water and can last for up to 8 hours on a low-speed setting or 2 hours on its highest setting alone.

‘Providing useful technology in a form factor that goes where our customers go – this is what LG PuriCare Mini is all about,’ said Mr Song.

Sealed inside the high durability aluminium body is a 4-Step Air Filtration System involving a single sensor and a Dual Inverter Motor that forcibly draws air at 5,000rpm.

The fan then drives the air towards the high-efficiency Total Allergen Removal filter that ‘removes particulates in the air’ with the final step involving the powerful Twin Tornado Dual Fan that disperses the clean air far and wide.

Lasting up to 2,000 hours or six months of 12-hours per-day usage, the PuriCare Mini’s filter is highly durable able to capture particulates as small as 0.3μm.

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