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CES 2020: LG Unveils US$60K Rollable Screen & Morphing Curved Displays

LG has followed the advice of the Old El Paso ad of porque no los dos – Why don’t we have both? – with the introduction of the first OLED TV that can morph between flat and curved in just five seconds and a new version of the Rollable display that could cost you US$60,000.

Demonstrating the innovative feature at CES 2020, LG has built the TV with bendable OLED display technology that it has been researching since the rollable 4K TV from CES 2018.

According to an LG representative on the floor, the panel can bend back and forth around 35,000 times, though nothing was mentioned about what happens beyond that threshold.

While the concept display is designed for home entertainment setups, the benefits of morphable screens could be positioned well for PC monitors.

Combining both a curved and flat-screen into one device allows for more versatility at your desk, for switching between productivity, gaming and entertainment.

LG’s rollable display has also made a return this year with the concept screen able to unravel downwards like a projection screen.

Unfortunately, there is no word on whether these concept displays will ever reach the market, though LG does plan on releasing the rollable TV in the second or third quarter for a whopping $60K, according to CNET.

In addition to the TV displays, LG also demoed a foldable 13.3-inch tablet/laptop with a screen resolution of 1,536 by 2,048 pixels.

What makes this concept design so special is how the screen wraps around the edge of the tablet to display information, much like the Samsung Galaxy curve phones.

According to LG, the new foldable panel will be ready for mass production come next quarter.

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