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CES 2019: Samsung To Reveal Perfume Blender, AI Light + Sound In A Display

It’s not just big new 8K TV’s and cutting-edge sound bars that Samsung will show off this year at CES the Company is also set to reveal new 3-dimensional sound technology via a display screen and a perfume blender and desk light.

The technology uses piezo-electric actuators connected directly to the screen whether it be a TV or tablet display with the screen used as the diaphragm of the speaker.

The technology has the potential to be used over a wide display surface delivering 3-dimensional sound effects and greater directionality.

The technology works better with OLED screens which means that smartphones and tablets will be a priority rather than LCD screens, as those screens require a backlight which interferes with the transmission of the piezo-electric vibration.

LG is also set to reveal a 65-inch TV which uses the screen as a speaker.

Perfume Blender

According to Samsung executives ‘Perfume Blender’ is a custom perfume making service that enables users to make a customized fragrance with a compatible device and share the recipe through an app.

When the user takes a photo of their favourite perfumes with the app, it analyses the common ingredients and recommends fragrance recipes that the user might like. The user can directly make the perfume with those recipes or create a perfume by adjusting the ratio of the recipes through the device which has eight ingredients. Users are able to purchase additional scents.


‘alight’ is an AI desk light which provides an optimal environment to increase concentration and provides lighting which is beneficial for the health of users. It detects user actions through the embedded camera and automatically changes the light according to the situation such as study, relax and focus. It comes with a controller which alerts the user to focus on study when the user is using a smartphone or sleeping. It also provides study history and time lapse videos of studying through the app.

There is also speculation that Samsung has cracked a way to build a camera right into a display screen, this will eliminate the need for a notch.

The Economic Times of Korea reports that Samsung Display will show off their Sound on Display technology at CES 2019 early next year.

It’s also tipped that the Samsung Galaxy Note10 will be the first Samsung device to feature their Sound On Display technology in the second half of 2019.

Samsung has also announced that they will showcase eight innovative new projects related to Artificial Intelligence (AI), developed from its C-Lab (Creative Lab) program, from January 8 through 11 at CES 2019.

Eight start-ups which have been spun off from C-Lab will showcase their newly released commercial products at CES to explore new business opportunities.

The eight new C-Lab projects include: an in-video virtual ad service ‘Tisplay’, an ASMR sound recording solution ‘aiMo’, an instant video making service ‘MEDEO’, an AI news analysis service ‘PRISMIT’, a custom perfume making service ‘Perfume Blender’, an auto-adjusting monitor ‘Girin Monitor Stand’, an AI desk light ‘alight’, and a hearing assistant solution ‘SnailSound’.

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