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CES 2019: HP Announce 65″ Nvidia Gaming Monitor

Nvidia is finally coming through on their promise to provide 65-inch 4K HDR gaming displays to the market with HP’s Omen X Emperium display revealed at CES 2019 with a hefty price tag of US$4,999.

HP’s Omen X Emperium display includes 4K HDR support alongside G-Sync adaptive frame rate tech and a 144Hz refresh rate.

However, that refresh rate is only available via DisplayPort, if connected via HDMI it’s limited to 60Hz, so in order to avail of the 144Hz refresh rate gamers will be limited to using a PC instead of their gaming console.

Sarah Tew/CNET

The Omen X Emperium display features integrated Nvidia Shield streaming gaming system, which enables users to play Android and PC games via GeForce Now.

The big draw for the Emperium 65, is its built-in gaming-optimized soundbar, which includes a low-frequency array, minimal vibration transfer to the display, and three stereo amps with gaming and entertainment modes that eliminate the need for a second subwoofer.

HP has also revamped its Omen 15 with an updated mobile processor and Nvidia graphics technology options, with a future update that promises a 240Hz 1080p screen.

HP also updated its Omen Obelisk Desktop, giving it a design and feature set to appeal to a more hardcore gamer then previously.

The Omen X Emperium 65 is slated for a February US release at a starting price of US$4,999, no news on international and Australian pricing and availability on the Emperium 65 or the updated Omen 15 or Omen Obelisk Desktop.

Sarah Tew/CNET

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