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Canberra To Use Oz Post Tech In New Personal ID System

Australia Post and the Digital Transformation Agency, a federal government outfit, are joining forces to come up with an online ID system that will make it easier for citizens to access the government’s digital services.

They have already inked a deal that will see Australia Post integrate its identity technology into the Commonwealth’s digital identity framework, recently rebadged as GovPass. This is expected to give the slow-moving GovPass plan a major boost.

Australia Post boss Ahmed Fahour – who is soon to depart AP – said that each year millions of interactions with government and private sector organisations, as well as members of the public, prove to be time-consuming, requiring people to produce two or more forms of ID to prove who they are.

“Our research shows these processes cost the Australian economy up to $11 billion a year in proving identity alone, and can be unlocked by making it easy, safe and secure to prove that you are who you say you are when interacting online.”

Working with the posties’ ID technology is expected by many observers to make use of a rejigged GovPass much easier and speedier.

Said Angus Taylor, Assistant Minister for Digital Transformation: “If we get this right, you won’t need 20 user names and passwords to access your services, and you’ll be able to switch banks, telcos, utilities and other services with the click of a button.”

The Digital Transformation Agency, after a shaky start in which some federal agencies quietly resisted its move to establish a common approach to IT, leading to the departure of its frustrated early leader, received $70 million in funding in this month’s Federal Budget.

Among other things, the agency is said to be working on building a Cyber Security Advisory Office to help government agencies deal with cyber risks and vulnerabilities.

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