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Canada, UK Lobby Australia To Not Ban Huawei

The Untied Kingdom and Canada have been lobbying the Australian Government to avoid banning Huawei, according to sources in contact with iTWire.

Recently there have been concerns regarding whether Huawei’s involvement in the 5G roll-out leaves Australia vulnerable.

Pressure from the UK and Canada was reported to stem from their need to stifle criticism at home, as more bans placed on Huawei would mean elected officials would come under scrutiny regarding how secure the deals in place are.

The two countries have protocols around working with Huawei, where government officials are allowed to examine all equipment the manufacturer wishes to deploy.

In the UK, signals intelligence and security organisation the Government Communications Headquarters has created a cyber security centre with the Chinese electronics manufacturer. Within the organisation a unit known as The Cell monitors all threats and back-doors in its own hardware and is overseen by the National Cyber Security Centre.

iTWire’s sources have confirmed that Canada has a similar security and oversight arrangement to the United Kingdom. Bell Canada has been working alongside Huawei in rural areas for their 5G roll out.

Huawei is looking to convince Australians they mean no harm by proposing that similar systems to the UK and Canadian versions be implemented here. The company has gone as far as publishing a research paper outlining how it could be excluded from Core Network and Radio Access Network in order to help ease concerns.

Malcolm Turnbull will be expected to announce a decision before the Telecommunications Sector Security Reform takes effect on 18 September. Prime Minister Turnbull may, however, find himself influenced by the recent decision from President Trump to exclude Huawei and ZTE from federal government use.

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