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Cambridge Audio Rolls Out New Monoblock Amp

British hi-fi specialist Cambridge Audio has launched a new monoblock power amplifier, the Edge M, which it bills as twice as powerful as the Edge W.

Each unit of the Edge M drives a single speaker, meaning the power output is 200W RMS into eight ohms.

“As a result, Edge M delivers more effortless dynamics and a less strained sound, as well as less distortion per channel and between the channels,” said Cambridge Audio.

According to the manufacturer, the Edge M is fully balanced from input to output, and thus is immune to noise and distortion.

“Similar to the Edge W, Cambridge Audio’s engineers have worked hard to minimise the number of components in the Edge M’s signal path, ensuring there are fewer barriers between you and the music you love. As a result, Edge M delivers a more faithful reproduction of the original recording,” the company added.

Edge M uses the same Class XA amplification format as in the Edge A and Edge W. According to Cambridge Audio, its opposing symmetry twin toroidal transformer design cancels out electromagnetic interference, and offers outstanding power and consistent tonality even at high volumes.

The Edge M will be available from next month at £3999 ($7277 AUD).

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