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Calls For Aus Gov. To Support Taiwanese Trade Deal In Spite Of China

There are calls from both sides of the political divide for the Australian government to support Taiwan’s bid to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agree­ment for trans-Pacific Partnership, and, in doing so, to block any consideration of Chinese membership.

The bipartisan Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade recommended the Morrison government “encourage and facilitate the accession of Taiwan” to the Comprehensive and Progressive Agree­ment for trans-Pacific Partnership.

The report also suggests the Government should support membership from the UK and South Korea, as well as making moves to encourage the US to join the agreement.

“The Committee recommends that the Australian Government work with other CPTPP members to encourage China to re-establish full trading relations including ending its coercive trade measures and re-engaging in ministerial dialogue, and to demonstrate an ability and willingness to commit to the CPTPP’s high standards, prior to supporting the commencement of an accession process,” the report says.

The committee’s chairman Ted O’Brien said: “It’s up to China if it wishes to re-engage with Australia and I hope it does because that would enable the discussions that are necessary to determine whether an accession process should commence.

“Only aspiring economies that support an open, transparent and stable trading environment and those that demonstrate an ability and willingness to meet the agreement’s high standards should be considered.

“The CPTPP is one of the world’s most comprehensive trade agreements and its quality must be maintained.”

Taiwan is a major player in the tech world, with Acer, Asus, and D-link all operating from that part of the world.

Any agreement with Taiwan would anger China. Scott Morrison had already declared that China has no chance of joining the CPTPP as the political situation stands.

“The CPTPP sets a very high benchmark that you have to be able to achieve and it is important that those who are seeking to ­become part of an arrangement like that wouldn’t want to have a track record of coercing other trade partners,” Morrison said late last year.

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