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Samsung’s Quickflix For Smartphones & TVs


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Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones and tabs run on Android, indicating the application has the potential to work on the Google developed OS, bar a few tweaks to accomodate Samsung’s TouchWiz user-interface.

Owners of such devices will be able to stream unlimited movies for a small monthly subscription fee.

Currently Samsung devices come preinstalled with news and weather based applications. By including Quickflix, Samsung will be catering to the entertainment needs of its customers.

Quickflix will benefit from an increase in distribution seeing as Samsung is the world’s largest company in terms of revenue, solidified by dominance in smart TV and smartphone markets.

The Quickflix app should start making an appearance on Samsung devices by mid-2012 and will grant access to the movie libraries of Warner Bros, Sony Pictures and NBC Universal. HBO is also said to join the list at a later date.

Quickflix will be charged at $14.99 per month, with a reduced $7 per month charge for existing DVD subscribers. Subscribers will also have access to premium pay per view titles.

This is the second major deal Quickflix has sealed within a matter of months, following a similar agreement with Sony that will see its app on the PS3 system and similar internet-capable Sony devices.