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Nikon Aims Be Market Leader In Rugged Cameras New Model Has GPS & Mapping

Already applying a blowtorch to Canon in the digital SLR market Nikon has in the past held back from entering the rugged camera market, but with summer approaching the Company is set to get a big kick along with their all-weather (AW) camera which waterproof down to 10m, and can be knocked about from heights of 1.5metres. It’s also freeze proof down to -10 which is ideal for Australian snow conditions.

Nick Segger, the Marketing Manager at Nikon Australia said that Nikon has deliberately waited to launch an all-weather camera because they wanted to deliver a camera where image quality was not compromised. “There are several all-weather cameras in the market but to get an all-weather performance image quality has had to be compromised. We deliberately waited until we could deliver both, all weather performance and image quality”.

“A tough camera is something that has been on the boil for Nikon for some time. “We watched what was going on in the market, and if we think we can something better than what is currently available, and then we will,” he said.

“The reason we haven’t done before now is simply that we like to take our time to make a more refined product, and make sure everything is absolutely spot on,” he explained.

“When large consumer technology companies launch cameras like this, there’s leeway for them to make an error and it will just get sucked up into the corporate machine. With us, we have to look after our image carefully and make sure the products are the best possible quality.”

The new camera has some really neat features such as GPS positioning and on board maps which are ideal for bush walkers and adventurer’s said Segger.

“We believe we can grab market leadership in the all-weather category because we have a superior camera that is ideally suited to Australian conditions. Apart from the adventure market the device is ideal for trades who want a rugged camera that stands up to water and dust around building sites, mines and around outdoor area”.

“We want to be category leader in the shockproof, waterproof and freeze proof market and I think we can do that with the AW100,” Segger said. “We didn’t want to come in with an entry level model, so we’ve added things like the backlit CMOS sensor which I think really sets us apart from our competitors.

“It’s been designed with a very specific type of user in mind – the adventurer photographer – for instance, it’s waterproof down to 10metres, so it’s not just for snorkelers. There are also things like the orange version appealing to mountain climbers and skiers, as it will be easily visible against the snow,” he said.

The camera will be available from September; pricing has not been set yet.