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Spying, Corruption, Now Director Quits Huawei Oz Board

Former Victorian premier John Brumby is stepping down as director of Huawei’s Australian operations after serving eight years on its board.

Although the news comes in the wake of nearly a dozen indictments from the US government, Brumby denies his decision was in any way related.

“The timing of my retirement from the Board is completely unrelated to any recent commentary regarding China and Huawei”, he said, according to a press release.

“More than a year ago, I advised the board and Huawei HQ of my intention to retire to make time for new commitments I was taking on in early 2019.”

His insistence that his decision is unrelated has credence, as it was announced on a La Trobe University blog post back in June 2018 that Brumby would be taking on the role of Chancellor of the university, beginning 29 March 2019.

News broke earlier this week of the almost dozen indictments against Huawei over alleged violations of economic sanctions against Iran and industrial espionage.

Previously, Huawei’s CFO was arrested in Canada and is currently facing extradition to the United States.

In addition to its ban from building the 5G network here in Australia, Huawei is banned from the US, UK, Japan, and New Zealand, all citing security concerns. Other European nations are expected to follow suit.

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