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Broadband Speeds 20% Faster As NBN Rolls Out

Honesty Box – which claims to operate Australia’s largest network of broadband measurement devices — says fixed-wireless download speeds during busy periods have improved 20 percent this year.

In November, it says, services, on average were achieving 48 percent of advertised download speed, compared to only 29 percent in January and a low of 27pc in February.

According to Will MacKinnon, head of commercial and client services, more than half of the company’s broadband measurement devices were installed in rural homes and businesses.

“We’re pleased to see that despite geographical challenges, fixed wireless users are enjoying considerably better broadband than they were at the start of the year,” MacKinnon said.

Honesty Box, a subsidiary of Enex Test Labs, says its devices measure Internet connections of up to 1000Mbps. “Tests are designed to mimic user actions such as download/upload to on-net/off-net servers in datacentres located locally using heavily used Internet protocols such as HTTP, UDP, popular website browsing, and video streaming services.”

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