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Brilliant And Nexus Announce Home Automation App

BrilliantSmart Nexus Gateway is a connectivity platform that converts a house into a smart home, enabling people to take better control of their utility use, with the intended outcome being cheaper household bills.

The system gives users complete control of their home’s smart devices, but it also means they can transform other electrical appliances, such as audio visual, heating/cooling systems, security cameras and lighting, into having smart capability.

The apps work across 500 brands including Sony, Philips, Apple, Samsung and Alexa, with every single product in a house controlled via one small gateway box and the Nexus app, which is a free download.

Melbourne-based company Brilliant Lighting has been building the technology over several years with a commitment that spans decades to providing efficient and sustainable lighting.

Nexus Gateway is designed to provide secure, energy-efficient, money-saving convenience with an app that has the power to turn any home into an eco-friendly smart home.

Brilliant Lighting founder Norman Levin said, “The app gives homeowners the power to configure actions in real time to suit their lifestyle. The app can perform automations with the click of a single button. It also has scheduling and voice-control capability.

Automatic switching converts your mobile phone into a remote control, allowing you to switch on household devices triggered by proximity.

“These easy set-up home automation systems offer control of your lighting, electrical and security smart devices – as well as many branded household appliances – all from your smartphone, tablet or voice,” Levin explained.

“We’ve worked for many years to develop this app, to truly put the homeowner in complete control, and finally say goodbye to those old-fashioned remotes.”

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