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BREAKING NEWS: Navman Quits Market As Google Maps Takes Over

Finally, technology has caught up with long time mapping Company Navman who earlier today announced that they are quitting the consumer navigation market.

Overtaken by in car navigation systems, and Google Maps Navman were a pioneer along with Tom Tom, in delivering in car navigation for Australians.

The Company who are staying in the Dashcam market, have for more than 20 years been designing and manufacturing personal navigation devices (PND) for Australia and NZ retailers who have slowly been witnessing declining sales.
The current range available in 2023 will be its last.

The business claims that their current range of sat-nav devices currently available through leading retailers will continue to be supported with map updates, service and support beyond the two-year warranty through to the end of 2026.

The business claims that they made the tough decision due to growing adoption by consumers of navigation on phones, maps in dash in car and more recently Android Auto and Apple Carplay.
Also impacting the business was rising costs.

The parent Company for Navman is MITAC Digital Technology Corporation.

This Company is one of the world’s leading automotive technology businesses, who are set to continue selling B2b solutions in Australia.

They will also continue selling their Mivue dash cameras for the consumer market, as well as a range of bespoke technologies including connected dash cams for its business and enterprise customers, particularly within the growing area of video telematics under the MiTAC Australia division.

Last year Navman has released a new range of dash cam models that included the MiVUE 770 Safety, the MiVUE 900 DC and the MiVUE 1200 Sensor XL DC.

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