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BREAKING NEWS: Shock Exit Winnings Quits Narta

Appliance Group Winning has quit Narta as they head in a new direction outside of selling appliances.

In a statement sent to ChannelNews this afternoon Narta management said that effective immediately Narta will cease all communication relating to Narta commercial terms immediately.

ChannelNews understands that Winnings is heading in a new direction with John Winning Junior back generating publicity for himself along with his new business interests which including the opening of a new restaurant and sailing.

The sudden and unexpected resignation became effective from Monday 22nd August according to Narta CEO Michael Jackson.

“It was totally unexpected” he told ChannelNews.

In a statement issued to members the Narta Board said ‘ Narta will cease all communication relating to Narta commercial terms as of today, however all arrangements with Narta and our supplier agreements will cease on August 31st, 2022.

Winning’s management told Narta management in a call yesterday that their future direction and strategy as a business did not align to Narta’s strategic agenda.

Winnings management are currently expanding into new business ventures and entering new markets outside of Narta’s core business.

Industry executives said that they are “stunned” by the move as Winnings in the past have been key members of Narta.

Winnings is currently in the Whitsundays where he is taking part in the 36th Hamilton Island Race Week, competing against 224 vessels, including that of rival billionaire Sandy Oatley, who is hosting the event.

“After a day’s sailing, I know we will all be at the bar shouting each other drinks”, Winnings said of his perceived rivalry with Oatley, from whom he has poach three crew members, a move he insisted hasn’t caused bad blood.

Winnings says a film crew is shadowing his efforts, for a possible Netflix series.

Winnings Appliances is also the official sponsor of the current season of The Block. Winning will provide a $250,000 kitchen upgrade, the largest prize in The Block’s history.

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