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BREAKING NEWS: Home Raided Of Apple Promoted Con Woman

Apple backed cancer con woman Bella Gibson has seen her home raided as Victoria’s Sherriff’s Office tries to recover $500,000 of unpaid fans.

Gibson the founder of Whole Pantry was extensively promoted by Apple Australia, was found guilty in a Victorian Court for deceptive conduct after faking cancer.

Jesse James Apple Spin Doctor who promted con woman Bella Gibson

During her court case private messages from Jesse James A senior PR Manager at Apple and a former Samsung PR manager, were revealed during her Court case.

Gibson at one stage, faked a violent seizure in front of her four-year-old son and his kindergarten friends while at his birthday party.

James wrote “A single mum who was diagnosed with brain cancer, Belle turned to whole food cooking and eating,”.

An Apple email sent by James, to media in Australia claimed that Gibson “Wanted to share what she had learnt but didn’t want to use a website or blog. Belle decided she wanted to build an app for iPhone and iPad.”

Victoria’s Sheriff’s Office executed a “search and sale” warrant on The Whole Pantry founder’s Northcote home on Friday.

A Consumer Affairs Victoria spokeswoman confirmed the raid.

“Ms Gibson owes the Victorian public a substantial debt and Consumer Affairs Victoria will continue to pursue repayment,” she said.

“A warrant of seizure and sale on Ms Gibson was executed today by Sheriff’s Officers at an address in Northcote.”

Gibson was found guilty of five breaches of the consumer law over her health and wellness empire’s dealings.

It is not known what, if any, of Gibson’s possessions were seized in the early morning raid.

The Melbourne mother who faked brain cancer and duped thousands into believing she had cured it with natural remedies and healthy living was seen by Apple as a promotion opportunity before authorities stepped in charging her with several offences.

Since the Court case Gibson has continued to snub paying anything towards a $410,000 fine issued to her in the Federal Court in September 2017 for misleading and deceptive conduct.

She now owes more than $500,000 in fines, penalties, and interest.

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