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BREAKING NEWS: Apple Customers Locked Out Of 4G Networks After iOS Upgrade Drama

Apple who recently moved to beef up security on their iPhone and iPad devices are now facing a user backlash after their recent iOS 12.1.1 upgrade caused major problems for Apple product owners especially when they are on a 4G network.

While the upgrade was designed to deliver what Apple described as Security Features’ those who have upgraded are now complaining online of access problems.

“@AppleSupport After updating to iOS 12.1.1, my iPhone is not loading twitter messages via Mobile Data; I tried to reinstall Twitter. Still the problem persists. In fact I am Sending this tweet via Wi-Fi. Need your help.” – source

@GordonKelly wrote ‘Sad to report this but the broken 4G experience is all over my phone. 90% of websites on work on mobile 4G data. Apps like Twitter, Amazon and so many others aren’t working but all Google related apps are running smoothly and so is WhatsApp! I’m clueless now.”.

“@AppleSupport Hi, no 4G in any of my devices (iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone XS Max, iPad Pro 12.9 2017) since I updated to iOS 12.1.1 last night!”.

“My recent ios 12.1.1 update has left my phone with mobile data problems. Basically I am not able to use mobile data on most of my applications. Kindly harken my complaint @Apple” – source

“Unable to use internet after updating my iPhone to latest iOS 12.1.1.” – source.

The problem was described by Forbes as having a sizeable impact on a number of users.

Apple Support has repeatedly recommend affected users to update their carrier settings with Telstra Optus and Vodafone however this reccomewndation appears not to be working.

“@AppleSupport Updating the carrier settings, hard reboot etc don’t solve the problem with use of mobile data after iOS 12.1.1 update!” – source

Apple chose to continue with the iOS 12.1.1 update despite beta testers alerting the US phone Company to the problem.

Apple customers are now being warned not to update their Apple products.