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‘Boys Club’ Fujitsu General Slammed By AFR

Fujitsu General who are facing stiff competition flogging air conditioners has been slammed by no other than the Australian Financial Review who have described the business as a ‘Boys Club others are calling the management team “sexist”.

The AFR a leading financial publication read by the captains of industry claim that they are a little dismayed it’s taken Fujitsu General Australia until now to enter the 21st century.

The exposure of the Philip Perham run business came after the Company engaged in selective PR to announce that finally they had a appointed a female to the management ranks of the Company.

The local air-conditioning division of the Japanese-based multinational even claim they were “thrilled” to report the appointment of the first sheila to its executive team.

The AFR said ‘We’d have thought the fact it hadn’t had a female member until now was the kind of thing it’d want to keep under wraps’

But then again Fujitsu is well known for their poor PR and engagement with an ageing cricketer called Mark Taylor which most millenials don’t enven know.

This is the same Company that screwed up their leadership in the flat screen TV market.

The Fujitsu-General Boys Club Mr-Yokoyama-Mark-Taylor-The-Hon.-Stuart-Ayres (Not A Member) Mr-Saito-Philip-Perham-and-Koji-Nakao (1)

At one stage Fujitsu was the #1 seller of flat screen plasma TV’s with their 42″ model outselling Sony and Panasonic.

In their latest PR exercise the Company bragged that wanted to mark the “momentous appointment in a traditionally male-dominated industry”, in a sign, apparently, of its “growing diversity” and “focus on fostering inclusive corporate culture”.

Sarah Gatehouse

The female chosen to join the boys club is Sarah Gatehouse, who is set to take on the role of being head of people and culture in Australia and New Zealand.

Maybe her first appointment should be a new CEO quipped one observer.

According to said release, Gatehouse expressed her “enormous gratitude and excitement at being provided this new opportunity”.

The AFR Quipped “And here we were thinking Fujitsu should be thanking her”.

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